“It’s a near-perfect example of the partnership among people who deeply care about the traditions of folk music…"
“Profound and poetic…"
“Parker and James turn in a beautiful eight songs that skirt the line between folk and Americana."
“The new music is haunting and feels like a curious combination of fresh, yet familiar. The songs, even on first listen, feel singable, and they're jam-packed with lyrics that scratch a word lover's itch.”
"They sit face to face while they play, less of a confrontation and more of a melding of the minds…two kindred spirits riffing off one another: unadorned and uncomplicated…"
"...the duo unquestionably have a distinctive sound of their own that comes through clearly in every song."
"Quiet, sweetly harmonized and unassuming but mesmerizing back-porch music."
"It's unusual for a record to capture the sound of an expanse, yet keep the songs so small and close, that's exactly what Clay and Jodi have done with the ten songs here."
"the duo have followed the original paths of Southern music..."
"...Folk music for dusty desert landscapes..."
"It’s an example of two capable solo acts combining forces to discover new ways to celebrate regional roots sounds while creating something markedly modern."
"The Lonesomest Sound That Can Sound is also my favorite album of the year."
"Everyone needs to stop what they’re doing right now and listen to Clay Parker and Jodi James."
"...they have blithely managed to create an album that’s both hushed and musically complex."
"Filled with longing, Louisiana references...Parker and James incorporate the country blues in much of their lyricism."

Bandcamp Daily (by Amanda Wicks) - August 2016
Clay Parker and Jodi James Raise Money for Flood Victims Through Song

No Depression Album Review (by: John Apice) - June 2016
"This is an album that will need to be listened to and not just played in the background. It has to marinate in your musical soul." 

Hyperbolium - February 2016
"...the charisma of their duets is uniquely mesmerizing."

Addicted To Noise, Australia - February 2016
"Clay Parker and Jodi James have put together a gentle, loving and alluring collection, all songs both sincere and sublime."

The Daily Country Album Review - January 2016
"It’s a glorious thing when a melody draws you in like a magnet, and the six songs on the album from Clay Parker and Jodi James do just that..."

No Depression Album Review (by: Grant Britt)- January 2016
"...family style harmony that's closer than most families... It's easy to get lost in this stuff..."